Spreading the word!

I am currently busy mainly on getting the orders for my books (in order for me to self-distribute) and promotional orders (it is a longer process than I expected), and planning out my hopes on a press-release, and stocking the book on library shelves, and bookstores.

For Canadian residents, I am hoping to get the book on shelves at your public libraries. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, so it will be at the Edmonton Public Library. But a customer can always request the book to be put on shelf! You just need to talk to the librarian.

I currently have a friend at London who is doing the same for me : ) So for whoever is interested, and time to spare, I will be grateful if you voice your opinion to your librarians and vouch for my story. You won’t be disappointed by the end product.

Here’s a sneak peek for everyone 🙂

http://www.amazon.com/Our-Last-Summer-Personal-Memoir/dp/1475995733 [use the Look Inside option, and you get to read the Introduction and the first 6 pages!]





Author: Locke

Self-published author of "Our Last Summer: A Personal Memoir", aspiring writer, innovator, scientist, and entrepreneur with a delightful knack for life.

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