A New Journey

Hi everyone,
Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologize to all my friends, and fellow word press followers, for my absence.
My last post was on November 28, 2013. My absence was largely built around the busy schedule of my personal life, and the journey that I ventured upon for the past year and a half.
This journey of mine was filled with many adventures.It was a time where I confronted, and came to terms with many things at a personal level in my life. I am glad that through the onset of it all I have been supported by my friends, and family. I know that I am yet to see the end of this new adventure, not that I want it to end anytime soon.
Meanwhile, I also successfully obtained a BSc. in Honors Astrophysics, and am now in pursuit of a MSc. in Physics. Immersed in the cascade of events that accompanied my journey led me to depart from writing actively, and in retrospect, it seems like I took a short sabbatical.
But life would knock on my door again, this time to renew my writing, and so I did. Our Last Summer will always be a cherished memory of my heart. It was my first published work, and I brought the fervor, and motivation of a young teenager to the words I shared in my personal memoir. Slowly but surely, time has come to pass…
And with that a new journey has begun. A journey that I wish to share with everyone. I will consistently promote Our Last Summer at every opportunity I get through this blog. At the same time, I am hoping to reach out via a different means to my audience. Just as much as I have transformed, so will this blog for the sake of this new adventure, that will not only highlight a new me, but also more writing!
I’d like to once again thank my friends, and family, and all those who had followed this blog in its earliest days. I would be glad to have you join me in this adventure again.
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Buying the books :)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note on where one could purchase my book.

For most part, I suggest that interested readers order the book online via common booksellers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through the websites for popular bookstores.

It is quite difficult as an upcoming self published author to get the book to be hosted by a bookstore, needless to say the unlimited amount of paper work that has to be done for that.

I have been busy with my own life as well as I look forward to my future, though I do have the hopes of starting on my newer works including a romantic comedy, a political crime thriller and a few others etc.

I am contemplating the possibility of sharing my work at the online writing website of Protagonize. Time will tell.

Aside from that, look forward to  a press release early next year concerning the book. Progress is slow, but I also have plans to submit my manuscript for the Alberta Readers Choice Award contest, so for all my Edmontonian fans, make sure you vote when the time comes :)

Thank you all for the support!

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First review from a Fan

So I got the first review from a fan/close friend of mine on the book, and I’m very glad

to know that people are enjoying it :)

In her words, she basically said that the book covers what she feels is the “bliss of youth.”

Now am wishing I had that statement as a promotional subtitle.

Either way, I’m glad to hear that people are liking the book :)


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The Prodigal Author Returns & Free Online Book offer! (Details below)

Hi everyone,

It has been a while. I have not been updating this blog or my other connections for almost a month. Why? Cause I have been busy and excited in receiving promotional materials.

I am happy to let you all know that the prodigal author is back. I was finally able to secure the promotional materials from the publishing company including posters, book-stubs (that offer promo codes to buy the book for free online! :) ), a sum of 21 free cover copies and 2 hard cover (as part of my publishing package), and some book pamphlets.

I have also been busy making way for my future aspirations in my own life but now that everything is here I have begun my work.

If anyone is interested in getting  a free promo code (to get the ebook online), let me know. It is first come first serve, and for now I am offering three (I have a limited amount of them.) What I ask from you is to please spread word to your nearest library or book store to stock up on my book, or even spread word and share the book with friends :) This will help a lot in getting the book out there. Thanks, everyone for following me this long!

Let me know!!! :) I will be keeping up more updates now that we have the ball rolling.



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Promotional Materials to appear!

So after a week of hiatus, due to a severe cold, I am now back on track.

Picture 2


Promotional materials are to arrive next week and I can’t wait to begin visiting the bookstores. Its a slower progress than I would have thought, but hey that’s expected. Just gotta go with the flow.

Being a student at the same time and having to work full time, while addressing future decisions is quite hectic, but life has been quite the adventure so far, particularly in recent events of going to ”Whose Live?” (Whose line is it anyway?) at River Cree, Edmonton, and also attending the comic-con!

I can’t wait to distribute the books and slowly make orders myself for some self-distributions. But for now, I shall peace out everyone, with another snippet/quote of my own from my book:

There’s music all around us: in the capriccio of a young maiden’s love, in the harmonies of past memories, or in my case, the dolce melodies of school life.



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Spreading the word!

I am currently busy mainly on getting the orders for my books (in order for me to self-distribute) and promotional orders (it is a longer process than I expected), and planning out my hopes on a press-release, and stocking the book on library shelves, and bookstores.

For Canadian residents, I am hoping to get the book on shelves at your public libraries. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, so it will be at the Edmonton Public Library. But a customer can always request the book to be put on shelf! You just need to talk to the librarian.

I currently have a friend at London who is doing the same for me : ) So for whoever is interested, and time to spare, I will be grateful if you voice your opinion to your librarians and vouch for my story. You won’t be disappointed by the end product.

Here’s a sneak peek for everyone :)

http://www.amazon.com/Our-Last-Summer-Personal-Memoir/dp/1475995733 [use the Look Inside option, and you get to read the Introduction and the first 6 pages!]





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New Updates

Hi everyone,

Late update, but as you may have noticed, I have now set up a Twitter account.

My daily tweets can be found in the middle/bottom corner of my page where my Tweets will be posted on this website. FOLLOW ME!!!

Of course, you can do that either by checking this blog or of course by also directly following my Twitter account:


Previews of the book can be found on almost any online network, including:

@amazon @goodreads @BNBuzz @googlebooks @eBay @chaptersindigo @Coles221HSC @AmazonKindle etc.

Feel free to join me on Twitter, along with anyone else who you can spread the word to like friends and family!

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What is the future?

Well, everyone, I have published one book, but this is just the beginning. I have already set plans for three other projects I hope to begin now, they will range in terms of genre from a romantic comedy, a political/crime thriller, and a philosophical venture!

I will keep you updated about my progress, with regards to Our Last Summer, but will hopefully be able to develop this blog for further purposes of sneak peeks and involvement on my new projects.

Thanks once again for the support everyone! Keep spreading the word!


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Here is the official flyer for my book: (am still to confirm it though, so there may be changes, but I was hoping to share it with everyone, now that the book is live)

408879_flyer_bsk_L1 (pdf file)

Picture 2



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And so we have done it!

Great news everyone!

The book is now officially live in the market! :) It is live and available for purchase predominantly online. I will be including a bunch of links as to where you can find it :)

I will be continuing my marketing schemes as usual. I am hoping to contact the bookstores following this and let them know so they can ”import” some copies! Will keep all of you updated on this as well.

The book has appeared in the iUniverse bookstore, and will be completely uploaded to online retailers in 6-8 weeks. It will take an additional 3-4 weeks for the ebook format to be uploaded to the retail websites. Aside from this, printed copies should be available in all the links I present below :)

Thank you very much for the support everyone. I will continue posting things on my blog as well as expanding my circle of communication. I hope you all enjoy the book and don’t hesitate to give me your comments :) Spread word to others as well, family, and friends alike.

Here are some links:





You should also be able to find ebook versions on Kobo, Kindle, e-reader etc. Though as mentioned above it will take time :)

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